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What we Do?


Your Hair Factory enables Hair Stylists to sell hair extensions directly to their clients, without the upfront costs and burdens of having to keep expensive inventory. We provide you with the tools needed to be successful from the start. And you make 15% on every sale.

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We offer top quality 100% raw virgin unprocessed human hair extensions for weaves and wigs. We have Straight Hair, Body Wave Hair, Curly Hair and Deep Wave. We dispatch most orders for same or next day delivery.

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Our team source only quality hair from various locations from the original donors. We then import the hair only for Your Hair Factory. We carry grade 8A hair.

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How helping your clients help you.

You do yourself and your clients a disservice by sending them to the hair shop. You have sent them out  somewhere with so many different types of hair. The hair shop owner’s primary interest is selling hair. He will never know the clients needs as you do. You are the professional so take control of this part of the client journey. Just send your client to your website and tell them which hair would be best for them. Sorted . And best of all your made 15% commission on the sale. read more…